Florida 1966 - 1969

Gallery I

rs-photo-17  f-001  DUNES I - 1966 - 30" X 42" - Oil on canvas. The First Painting Created in Florida  I wandered around looking at all the other artists' works that were in this show, my work appeared by comparison, very different, almost abstract to the very realistic work of the other artists. I thought, "I must have an odd way of painting, of seeing my visual world." I did not feel encouraged. There were lots of lookers, but none were interested in purchasing my work. By afternoon, the judging was to take place.  There was to be three awards, with a blue ribbon and a gold pin for best in show.  I won! --- A painting entitled "Dunes I" won Best in Show.  Dones I  f-002a  DUNES II - 1966 - 30" X 60" - Oil on canvas - In my Florida studio 
Dunes IIa  Dunes II  f-007b-1966  Cocoa Beach 
f-003  SUMMERSCAPE - 1966 - 22" X 42" - Oil on canvas.  f-004  MIDWEST BARNS - 1969 - 40" X 50" - Oil on canvas..  f-006  MIDWEST FARM HOUSE -1967 - 30" X 42" - Oil on canvas.  Visually, what I was experiencing was profound and would affect my work to this very day. The Horizon Line. I was spellbound by this line. A line that was the division between the sky and the wide-open prairie. The line between heaven and earth, uncluttered space, empty space with this hard, crisp line intersecting.    There was something else about this empty space with which I identified. It was the substance of being alone. Just me, the sky, that line and the earth below. I identified with the loneliness, as deep inside I was alone with this great vista. I wanted to walk into that simplicity alone.    I did walk into that space alone. Through a series of paintings of an old farm house. Now, I see these painting as self portraits. In every case the house is empty and fragile, a shell of things been. Isolated and alone. Looming on the horizon is the darkness of a storm, threatening, or has the storm past. In all of these portraits it would seem that the external world around me was constantly changing. The house remained the same. I placed this farm house, with the identical architecture, in many paintings. Even I find that a little curious. What is perhaps more curious is that I did find the actuality this old house.    In 1969, my parents had retired and moved to Florida, about 100 miles from where I lived. The first time I went to see them and as I was pulling into their driveway, there it was. No, not their house, but right next door. There before my eyes was this empty, old derelict house with the identical architecture. I photographed it and later did a lithograph of it including all the architectural details missing from the painted version.  f-008  DOUBLE ENTENDRE I - 1967 - 42"X 48" - Oil on canvas.  First and Second place winner in painting. The 1967 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. 
f-008a-1967  Winning painting at the 1967 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival.  Fre-und  f-009  HILL HOUSE - 1967 - 43''x 50" - Oil on canvas  f-012  Winter's Cold - 1967 - 48" X  32 Oil on canvas 
f-010  WANING WINTER - 1967 - 36" X 50" - Oil on canvas  f-013  Spring Hill II - 1967 - 72" X 58" - Oil on Canvas  f-014  Midnight Ice - 1967 - 68" X 46" Oil on Canvas  f-015  Landscape with Red - 1967 - 58" X 40" Oil on Canvas 
0001  Nebraska -1971 - 60" X 36" - Oil on Canvas