Screamer Mountain

"Mountains Are Symbolic Meeting Places Between the Mundane and the Spiritual World." Alan Hovhaness . . . It was in this environment on Screamer Mountain that the work passed through another metamorphose. From eclectic spontaneity to mystical meditations, there was a pronounced presence of balance, order and light in the new work. The mystical substance, an illusion, being the unknown source of light within the painting.
Cosmic Suspension III - 68" X 110" Oil on Canvas
FIRST LIGHT - 1975 - 68" X 110" - Oil on canvas
External Forces - 68" X 110" Oil on Canvas
OECUMENIOUS I - 1975 - 76" X 70" - Oil on canvas. Nicked named, "The Mother of All" meaning the beginning of mystical painting It was the first in a sequence of…
Cosmic Suspension I - 68" X 84" Oil on Canvas Through this series of paintings, what became known as Light Paintings. The hard edged flat block of the last…