A Retrospective

“This story is about creativity and where it comes from. That is a big question. But it is really about the creator, the author of metaphors; the biographer of illusions. It is more about life, and the influence of life’s connected events, that result in the measured evolution of the creative act. They give us the means of uncovering the core of our collective evolutionary message; our intuitive understanding and cumulative experience ingrained and transmitted through generations since the dawn of time . . . . . . Creativity is the search for our shared universal awareness.”
Recent and Future Activities
"Journey" A Video by Robert Singleton and Dan Morro
For the Joy of Light - The Exhibition

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The Man Who Paints Clouds - Podcast
For the Joy of Light - The Book

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A Small Book of Whimsical Images

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West Virginia - Recent Works

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West Virginia 1978 - 2012

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Screamer Mountain

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Flordia 1970 - 1973

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Florida - 1970 - 1972

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Florida 1966 - 1969

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A Beginning

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